Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Mardi-Maeps Trail Explore Run 2014 - Sneak Peek!

Trail Run Gets Even Longer!

Last year it was a 6km and 12km trail run along the Mardi-Maeps Trail Explore Run. This year it gets even longer, with the addition of an 18km route. All I know about this run I found at their Facebook page. They have shown the concept drawings for the t-shirt and the medals, which I have included in this post. I have been told that the elevation is a bit challenging but that this is mostly an open trail run, and things can get pretty muddy for the slowpokes. Last year the event was limited to 1,000 runners. This year hopefully the slots will be increased. From what I gathered from the pictures it sure looks like a fun trail run. It's good to see that the runner will have three distances to choose from. Yours truly has never been keen on trail running. However I might be tempted to run the shorter distances if I were in the peninsula during that time. So do keep an eye out for further information on this potential fun trail run. You can even sign up for it online if you want to by clicking here.

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