Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Swim Bike Run Team Relay Ironman 70.3 Competition Winners

And the winners are...

When Swim Bike Run Magazine Malaysia announced the competition for a single free entry into the Team Relay Ironman 70.3 at Putrajaya three runners from Kuching took up the challenge. Yours truly knows all three of them personally, so I know a bit about their capabilities. Hobart Kho, Alex Liew, and Frances Ngu, who form Team O-Run-Utan, had just competed in the inaugural 2XU marathon in Singapore. Hobart, now without a doubt the fastest Kuching-born runner, ran a personal best of 3:25.37 in his fourth FM. Alex ran a 4:26. Frances stomped to her PB of 4:43.14, in her third FM. All three are avid runners, with Hobart and Frances equally adapt at the shorter distances. Alex is more of a cyclist. Frances swam competitively during her school days, and went as far as to represent our State. She has tried her hand at triathlons as far back as 2008 in London (Thames Turbo Triathlon Series, Windsor Triathlon, and London Triathlon), and as recently as the triathlon in Miri, where she competed in the sprint event. Hobart has dabbled in triathlons and duathlons too, having taken part in the Sarawak International Triathlon and the Penang Urban Triathlon. With this sort of pedigree it was no wonder that they decided to come together to form a relax team. 

Hobart Kho

Alex Liew

Frances Ngu

 The trio had only one other team to challenge during the Swim Bike Run competition. All three asked all their friends and runner buddies to like and share their picture. Yours truly got in the act too. It was close in the beginning, but the likes started to build for them. In the end their achieved more likes, but their opposition had a bit more shares. Swim Bike Run declared team O-Run-Utan as the winner. If you want to check out the Facebook page click here. Now the trio are set for the biggest challenge in tackling the 70.3 Ironman at Putrajaya come on 13th April. For those unfamiliar with the 70.3 Ironman, the total distance covered is 113km.  This comprises of a 1.9km swim, a 9okm bike ride, and a 21.1km run. 70.3 is actually the total distance in miles that will be covered. The cut-off time is normally 8 hours and 30 minutes after the start time. Each discipline will have its on specific cut off time. Those interested in joining triathlons can always start with the sprint distance and graduate up as they go along. This Fat Old Man Running would like to congratulate Kuching's very own for winning the Swim Bike Run competition and wish them all the best in their maiden 70.3 Ironman. 

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