Thursday, 10 July 2014

2XU Compression Run Malaysia 2014 - Open for registration!

Half Marathon time!

Yours truly does not do triathlons. Am a running man. Maybe one day in a team of old-timers I may consider doing a relay. However I get to run. 2XU Compression Run Malaysia is back! Not only that they have increased the distance from the measly 8km and 15km of last year to the more respectable half marathon! Yes I know our friends in Singapore got to run the full marathon, but patience I say. Lets show the 2XU people how much we like their runs first. Then who knows in next to no time there will be another full marathon in Malaysia. Those who opt for the half marathon distance will surely get a finisher t-shirt to go with their medal. However please note that at time of writing this there is no mention of a finisher t-shirt as part of the runners entitlement. The date being 21st September 2014 means it doesn't clash with any other big runs in Malaysia. If I still have legs left after my August and early September running spree I might give this 2XU run a go too. Registration will is open now. Click here to go to their official website and register. I have just been informed that there will not be a finisher t-shirt this year for the 21km runners.

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