Thursday, 10 July 2014

AK Balloon Run 2014

Running with balloons!

Oh what joy! The mere thought of running with balloons. Who doesn't want to run like a pacer? Except of course the balloons will be smaller.  This fun-filled 5km run will be held at 7.30am on 10th August 2014 at Main Entrance, Avenue K, KL City Centre. How does running with balloons work? Well before the start of the race each competitor will be given four balloons. They have to tie the balloons on their person. Carrying the balloons throughout the run is compulsory. The balloons act as time boosters. Each balloon represents five seconds. The time boosters will be deducted from the official time clocked by the participant. Categories include men and women open, and also a special one for family.  In family two parents can run with two to four kids. Registration is RM35. Dateline is 3rd August 2014. Prizes and medal distribution chart can be seen below together with the event t-shirt. Those wanting to know more can visit their Facebook page or Website to register online.

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