Friday, 11 July 2014

Skyhawk Nature Run 2015 - Open for registration soon!

New route, new experience

Skyhawk Nature Run is a race of half marathon distance where runners get to experience the joy of running amid the beauty of nature. Runners who want to experience both should circle 18th January 2015 on their running calendar. Next year the route will be a new one, hence the experience will be new too. I must admit I was sad to have to give this run a miss this year. Come next year I am weighing between running this or joining the Malacca River International Marathon. However I am positive from all the input I have gotten from my constant runners this is one of those not to be missed 21km runs in Malaysia.  Registration will be open in a week's time. Runners can visit to register. Below please see the new run route and also the elevation.

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