Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Park Marathon 2014 - Open for Registration!

Who wants to run a full marathon at Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil?

Tired of doing all those training runs for your next full marathon with nothing to show for it but posts of your watch face on Facebook? Want a medal and a finisher t-shirt as proof of all your efforts? Well the answer to your prayers to the running god has been answered with the inaugural Park Marathon, to be held at 6.30am on 14th September 2014. Yes, I know the voices in my head are whispering again - it clashes with the IEM Engineer's Run. There will also be those wondering if they can drive from Kedah in time after running the SP Half Marathon the day before.  Then again if you are in Bali and running a marathon there at that time, all I can say is good on you! For those with seven hours or less to kill on that day, you can always head to the Bukit Jalil Recreational Park in Kuala Lumpur, and run this full marathon. That's 42.195km folks. There will not be a 10km or 21km run. When they say marathon they mean the whole shebang. 

This marathon is ideally for those new to running the distance. The runner will have support help every 2.7km. Drinks and a cheer team will greet the participant. What's more there will be pacers to guide you to your target time.  The seasoned marathoner is also welcomed. This race is great for those who want to build their mileage for the upcoming busy marathon season from October to December. A timing chip will be provided so that the runner will be able to time them-self.  Those wanting to simulate race conditions for their next major marathon can do just that. They can also go for a personal best. For those who are always talking about running a full marathon this is a chance for that dream to come true. Of course first timers must remember that this is another one of those loopy runs. The runner must complete 16 loops which means that actual distance run will be 43.2km! Those wanting to know more can visit their Facebook page or their website. Click here to register.

Am most impressed by the unique full marathon finisher t-shirt. It is from 2nd Skin so you know you are getting a quality product. However if you look closer at the back you will notice that the distance is not 42.195km but 43.2km! That is fair since that is the distance actually run after completing all those loops. So in fact it can be considered an ultra if one is a stickler for the rules. This finisher t-shirt would make an awesome talk piece among friends. What's more the medal is equally nice. It has the wonderful design from the finisher t-shirt on it. Those wanting this know what they have to do to earn it. I have  been informed by the organizers the the slots will be limited because this is a park run and they want to prevent over-crowding. So those wanting to register better do so quickly. Don't say I didn't warn you. Happy running always!

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