Monday, 5 May 2014

The Volkswagen Marathon Series 2014 - Open for registration!

First and only boutique on-road full marathons in Malaysia

In my earlier post I mention about the Volkswagen Marathon Series, which comprises two full marathons - the Island Ocean Marathon (10th August 2014) and the River Jungle Marathon (7th September 2014), and now it is open for registration. Last year I was lucky enough to be able to run both marathons. Click here to read about my experiences at IOM and here to read about my experiences at RJM. Last year if you signed up for the combo you got a bonus finisher t-shirt if you finished both full marathons. Remember this marathon has only one distance - 42.195km. It has no cut off time. The organisers will follow the last runner home like they did for the previous years. What's more the support cars will be filled with all the things needed to keep the runner going, from sprays to isotonic drinks. I know because I saw what was in the car boot. The crew will petrol the roads and they will inquire on the runners condition and lend support. This is truly crucial for the full marathon virgin (FMV).

Even though it is called a boutique marathon, don't be fooled, as both marathons are tough. Like running any marathon sufficient training is needed. Both runs are also ideal for couples who like running together and also for a runcation. This year instead of a bonus finisher, those who sign up for the combo package will get a running vest. The registration fees may seem a bit steep but the support the runner gets more than makes up for it. What's more if the runner signs up for the early bird combo they will get a much better deal. Like the previous year the two medals can be combined to make an even larger medal. The unique feature of the medal is that it is made of wood and steel. I for one will go run both again as I had the most wonderful experiences there. In fact when push comes to shove I always prefer the smaller runs as I feel the crew can manage the runners better. Also the camaraderie among the runners is really high. Not only is this run for first timers but the veterans like joining it too. For more information and to sign up do visit their website here.

Island Ocean Marathon 2014 finisher t-shirt

River Jungle Marathon 2014 finisher t-shirt

Island Ocean Marathon 2014 medal

River Jungle Marathon 2014 medal

IOM and RJM medals combined

Bonus running vest for combo package registration


  1. finisher tee looks awful . Last year one was nice

  2. hi there, i still dont understand how to run 2 marathon? you mean run 21kl for each?

  3. Sorry if my writing confused you. The Marathon Series are two separate marathons - the Island Ocean Marathon and the River Jungle Marathon. Running the combo means running both. There are no other distances in the series, only full marathons. So you will have to run two 42.195km races to qualify for the combo.