Friday, 16 May 2014

Malacca River International Marathon 2014 - Registration still open!

Registration open till 31st May 2014

Malaysia is over-flowing with runs in 2014. Every week there is some sort of run going on nowadays. Of course the pinnacle for many will be the full marathon. Gone are the days where we had to search high and low for a full marathon to run. Now there is almost a full marathon a month in our own country. Am not even going to talk about the ultra marathons that have sprouted up. Well, I had my misgivings about the Malacca River International Marathon 2014 (8th June 2014) in my first blog post (Click here), but later found that they had satisfied some of the things that may have bothered me, and so I made another blog post (Click here). Now am thinking that just maybe I will run this next year. For now, those who are contemplating running this can still sign up. Click here if you want to register online. For those who are still sitting on the fence do take a look at the running t-shirt, the finisher medal, and the finisher t-shirt. Maybe this and the fact that it is run in the historical town of Malacca may sway you.

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  1. i think you were right in having ur reservation about this run, and it seem like you were not wrong about it... just head on to their fb page and read all the complaints. i think the best was about the finisher medal...