Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Sultan Mahmud International Bridge Run 2014

A run that also has a full marathon

It looks like the Sultan Mahmud International Bridge Run 2014 will continue to have a full marathon as an annual feature. This augurs well for those looking for more marathons to run in Malaysia. However be forewarned the cut-off time for SMIBR is 5 hours! My guess is they want to make sure that runners who make their way to Trengganu are really capable of running the distance at a brisk clip. I for one cannot meet that cut-off time just yet so am forced to give it a miss. Those who have the leg speed and the confidence to meet the challenge must surely give this run a try. Of course there is the half marathon and 10km run too. Come to think of it I will never fly that far north for anything shorter than an FM. Those excited at the prospect of this marathon and want to know more about the counter registration can click here to visit their Facebook page. Apparently online registration will be available later.

In the interest of fairness, I found this comment on a Facebook site about last year 's run that should give the constant runner food for thought: "Banyak perkara yg tak sepatutnya berlaku...antaranya jarak utk marathon cuma 38 Km shj manakala utk kategori 10 Km terlebih jadi 12.2 Km...Acara 1/2 marathon & 10 Km dilepaskan tidak mengikut waktu yg ditetapkan....lebih kurang jam 6:25 pagi bagi 1/2 marathon & 6:46 pagi bagi 10 Km. Juga 'timing mat' cuma diletakkan digarisan mula/tamat shj menyebabkan berlakunya kejadian 'short cut', diburukkan lagi dgn penganjur yg tidak menyenaraikan keputusan rasmi....ada peserta yg dpt kad penamat dlm kedudukan top 50 tetapi setelah berbaris panjang utk menuntut wang kemenangan, nama tiada dlm senarai top 50!! Antara yg paling tak masuk akal, pemenang tempat pertama kategori pelajar dari Thailand...ambil hadiah dari VIP tempat pertama, apabila Q utk tuntut RM...nama tiada dlm senarai..." If you don't take my word for it you can see the actual comment here on Facebook.

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