Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Two Marathons Within 24 Hours - Revisited

Which one have you signed up for?

To be fair not all of us are insane enough to sign up for both full marathons. However it's nice to see what running tops, medals and finisher t-shirts now await those who participate and finish the BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon 2014 and the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014. I always find it hilarious when runners complain about the medal design or the colour of the finisher t-shirt. To begin with runners should just be happy that they get marathons of this caliber to run in Malaysia. One of the richest countries in Southeast Asia only has a world class half marathon to look forward to. So yes I am thankful to be running a marathon to begin with. Yes, the rewards are there for us. Those who finish deserve it for the hours and hours of training they put into it. That's the part that non-runners never get to see. All they ask is how many kilometers did you run and how long did it take.

Yes I know there will be those who will run both full marathons come 11th and 12th October 2014. I also know others will run various combinations. Yes I have said the best combo would be running the half marathon at BSNPNM and the 10km (Leisure) at SCKLM. Do click here to refer to my previous post. That would garner the runner with the biggest rewards in terms of finisher t-shirt and racing cap, which of course comes courtesy of PNM. For those people who run for the running vests, medals and finisher t-shirt they can scroll down to see what suits their taste. Yes I am partial to bright colour because of the practicality of it for night running. However everyone has a favourite colour. All I know is I have yet to run the KL Marathon. That for me has always been the determining factor. Slowly but surely I plan to run every marathon in Malaysia. Unfortunately the one I wanted to sign up for, but didn't dare to last year, has a 5 hour cut off time.

Please note that if you haven't done so, you can still sign up for both marathons. Click here for BSNPNM and here for SCKLM. I know it 's a crazy idea, but I wonder if someone at Brooks would meet up with both race organisers and say that they are prepared to make a special combo FM finisher... Am hoping a big light bulb has just switched on somewhere. It's also a chance for both running organisers to show solidarity. After all without the runners there would be no marathon. Keep them satisfied and just maybe they will come back for even more next year. As mad as it may seem, this back-to-back FM is something truly unique to Malaysia, and most probably will not happen again. So I am sure many a runner would want to savour it to the max and remember the occasion forever through something tangible. Yellow is my favourite colour by the way... As always run happy and run safe.

BSN Putrajaya Night Run

Standard Chartered KL Marathon

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