Friday, 16 May 2014

HOPE Bolathon Charity Fun Run & Masquerade Walk 2014 - Registration still open!

Registration open till 19th May 2014

If you have not heard about this charity fun run do click here. Registration closes on 19th May 2014. So for those who have not yet registered there is still time to do so. If I were in KL on that day I too would sign up to do the 10km run for the gorgeous Adidas medal. If you think I am hallucinating, go take a look below. It's a one of a kind World Cup themed medal that any runner should be proud to have in their collection. Those who are thinking of registering or want to register can click here. Make me jealous come 1st June 2014 when you guys wave that medal around on Facebook. Running for charity and getting a one of a kind medal to boot is what this event is all about.

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