Monday, 26 May 2014

Momentum Run Series 3 - Race Report

Three done and one more to go!

For those who have completed all three of the Momentum Runs it must be a truly wonderful feeling. I know of those whose journey in distance running has grown from strength to strength with each Momentum Run. Feel free to visit my previous posts on the event: Momentum Run Series 1 and Momentum Run Series 2, to learn what the fuss is all about. The Momentum Run Series was created to prepare runners for the upcoming Kuching Marathon (17th August 2014). Not many runners in Kuching are used to running distances longer than 10km. In fact most of the charity fun runs usually cover only 5km. So it was indeed a brave move on the organisers part to launch the Momentum Run Series. Momentum Run Series 1 covered 15km, while Series 2 covered 18km, and the just concluded Series 3 covered 21km.  Yours truly learned that many runners ran their first half marathon on Sunday. Even the lady who finished last was proud to tell me that each series was a first for that particular distance for her. What's more she was even prepared to run Series 4 - 25km!

Wherever we run in Kuching we can see runners wearing the colours of the Momentum Run t-shirts. Since the colours of the t-shirts match the medals you can imagine how colourful in makes the running scene here. Only one more run remains and that is Momentum Run Series 4, which will be a night run held on 12th July 2014 at 8.30pm. The reason that is so is because it will be held during the fasting month of Ramadan. I myself, as a Muslim, see no reason why I cannot run it. Am sure many of my fellow Muslim runners who are well trained will be able to complete the distance. Having done treadmill runs during the fasting month all I know is that I just feel thirstier. The organisers have shown in Series 3 how well they take care of the runners with 3 water stations and 1 banana station. Hopefully in Series 4 more goodies await the runners at the finish line that go beyond the yummy egg sandwiches and energy drinks. Hint: I could do with a real meal. For those who want to register you can do so at Revolution Run Borneo. The fee is RM60. There will be a special finisher t-shirt to go with green Brooks running top and green medal. Please be quick as only 300 slots are available.

As for Momentum Run Series 3, I myself just took it as a long fun run. It was nice meeting up with my fellow runners. It's kind of surreal when I run up to someone and they tell me they read my blog. Took the usual pictures. Was very proud of some of my friends who never attempted anything beyond 5km and still gave the half marathon a go. They know who they are, and one of them is in the pics below. Also I can see how serious some of the so-called older and slower runners are. I can also see that they have been training hard. Good on you! Yes it was nice to see the youngster give it a go too. Admittedly many ran out of steam towards the end as they didn't know how to pace themselves through the early going. However they finished the distance with pride. Some, like the lady who finished last, refused to board the sweeper bus. The distance was in fact 22km+, but who really cares? We all had a good time as can be adjudged from the pics below. The usual suspects won. Almost everyone stayed for the lucky draw of cash prizes and hampers. Hopefully this sort of running event will continue next year too.

Men's winner: Hobart Kho (1:40:48)

Women's winner: Tan Sii Eng (2:01:50)


  1. thank you so much for all the beautiful photos.. Kuching's version of Mohan and Tey.. hahaha... glad to finally run a half marathon since my last one, last year during Spring run.. haha..

  2. i cant wait to visit Kuching for M4!!

  3. Thank you for the kind comments my dear. However I am not even in the same league as Mohan and Tey. Yes they have taught me a lot and I am still learning. Am glad you enjoyed my photos. Happy running always!

  4. We welcome runners from all over Malaysia to participate in our runs. Looking forward to meet up with you and your gang from Sabah. Cheers!