Thursday, 1 May 2014

Rat Race Run 2014 - Report

Running in the Rain

Oh what fun everyone had running 4km in the rain during the Rat Race Run in Kuching. It was supposed to have been a 4km walk and a 7km run. However the rain gods had other ideas. So the distance was shortened to 4km. The speedsters did their best to avoid the downpour, while the rest of us walked the route. Some brought umbrellas, while others took taxis or phoned their loved ones to pick them up. The route was littered with men in drag. I guess this is Kuching's version of Thailand's famed Ladyboys. See me being 'molested' by them along the route in the above pic. So now I will be prepared for any trip north of the peninsula. All this was in the spirit of fun and also for charity. Six hundred participants wore various office clothing and took to the streets at night. I chose the more conservative shirt and jeans. Others came in uniforms. Some left nothing to the imagination. Lets say that self-censorship should have been imposed. 

Luckily for those who finished they were given the Brooks running vest to change into. There was free flow of energy drinks and beer. One participant (pictured below), but who will remain nameless, supposedly had nearly a crate of the happy juice, much to everyone's joy. The highlight was the lucky draw and also the best dressed participant. Since this was the first time such an event was organised in Kuching I was surprised at the good turnout. I suspect many had no idea what they were getting themselves into. However now that they know hopefully come next year when this even returns they will be dressed to kill. The pics below are taken by various individuals who shared them with me. Some came from the cameras of Nasa Zaidul, Gjull Azizul Razak a.k.a Selfie King, Teresa Attley, Nur Nahsuhah, Kong EeXuan, Josh KMT and also Albert Tan. Also a big thank you to the marshals who kept us all safe along the route while braving the downpour. 

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  1. Fun run! Great run! My kind of run! And my pictures are being posted up here few times! What a pleasure! Yay I'm famous now! Lol