Saturday, 12 April 2014

Malacca River International Marathon 2014 - Revisited

Anyone wants to run a full marathon in Malacca?

Yours truly posted about this marathon not too long ago. I was surprised like many of my friends how it suddenly fell from the sky. If the constant runner sieved through all the information provided, they can judge for themselves. For me it has that feel of a small town run trying to force itself to become an 'international' run. But then, like I said previously, maybe that's just me being too nit picky. Even till today it does not have an active website, relying instead on Facebook. Click here to read my original post. When I first contacted them they didn't even have online registration. Now they do. Click here to visit their online registration. They do however promise lots of prize money. There will now also be a finisher t-shirt for the FM runners. They have also promised to show the running vest and medals in a short while. What I do know now is that  Melaka River International Marathon 2014 is one out of numerous events held throughout that month in conjunction with the "Melaka River International Fest 2014" state event held from the 24th May 2014 till 22nd June 2014. The Melaka River International Marathon 2014 is organised by Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah and newly appointed event company Heritage In Run [UT0002687-M]. Click here to see their printed registration form. However they claim to have nothing to do with the previous organisers of such events in Malacca. Those willing to give them the benefit of the doubt are most welcome to sign up for the event.

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