Wednesday, 2 April 2014

BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon 2014 - 11th October!

It's official, back to back FMs!

Just announced on BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon Facebook page the date of their marathon as 11th October 2014. You know what that means my dear constant runners!  We runners crazy enough to attempt TWO FMs within 24 hours can now come out of the woodwork. I have made no secret that I will sign up for Standard Chartered KL Marathon this year, and have already booked my flights long before registration opens. So I will be in KL on that date. The question now is can I do two full marathons within 24 hours? Yes I admit it is very tempting. Though commonsense dictates that I might as well go for the half marathon at PNM. I did attempt the double last year by running PNM FM and Adidas King of the Road 16.8km, and there was nothing left in my legs. I have learned from my mistakes, and since then have attempted a 50km ultra. Now all I need to do is train for it and convince myself that I can do it. I truly believe that who dares wins. Thank you PNM for finally settling on a date. Back to my earlier post, I must say I am not surprised they chose this date.

From my earlier post. Now my mulut feel so masin!


  1. so how bro, u will be running 2 FM...
    i'm also looking courage to done that...
    mmg kerja giler la...but wait & see...

  2. I go for PNM FM ,my very first FM

    1. Am happy to know that. Do keep me updated on your first FM. Feel free to look for me. Will be wearing my MM vest and usually am near Mohan or Uncle Oliver.

  3. Vest pnm x release lagi ke?