Friday, 18 April 2014

Penang Run 2014 - 2015 - Medal Sneak Peek

Guess what this is?

I know what this is because someone showed me the actual design not too long ago. Since his name is Andrew Loh, and we have met in person, and the plans were actually his, I am so excited that he has given the constant runner a teaser look at something very special. Those who have no clue what am talking about can click here. No worries, when the time is right, the constant runner will get to know what the fuss about this cube is all about. For the time being those who have yet to sign up for the Penang Run series can do so by clicking here. (Scroll down for more pics, because just minutes after I posted this, the time became right!)

Andrew Loh at press conference for the Penang Run


Be the first in Malaysia to see it hot off the mold...

Many thanks to the person above, who designed this cube medal, for letting me be the first to show it off, just minutes after the finished product was made, which was when I had posted the original post (above), and then I had to return to it to add the pics below..

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