Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Seremban Half Marathon 2014

Run as fast as the Wind

The Seremban Half Marathon is back! This will be the 27th edition too! It will be held at 6am on 17th August 2014.  Those who are giving the Kuching Marathon or the Angkor Wat Empire Marathon a miss, and prefer the shorter 21km distance, now can run in Seremban. There is plenty of information about this half marathon on their official website. Unfortunately this year our race calendar is packed with so many runs to choose from, and many of them fall on the same date or a day before or after. How I wish they were an official body to monitor the dates for full marathons and half marathons to insure they don't clash. However I have seen the same thing happen in Singapore too where the runs do happen on the same day. When we look at it with an objective eye, there are only so many weeks in a year we can run such races. As always it is the runner's prerogative whether they want to sign up for such runs or not. The Seremban Half Marathon has been around since I was teenager, so longevity must speak volumes for it. What's more this year they will have a new run route. Happy running always!

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