Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Turbo Snail Run 3.0

Serapi Revisited

After our recent Turbo Snail Run 2.0 adventures climbing up Mount Serapi, several runners asked whether they could join the event. Due to the outpouring of request we have scheduled another event to be held on 27th April 2014. Yes, this clashes with the Wishesland Charity Run, but those who aren't running it, can do the Mount Serapi climb. For first timers to Kubah National Park, this is an ideal time to join as you will be going in a group. However those wanting an even tougher challenge can do the Selang Trail to the other view point there. What am I talking about? Well there is another little known peak there. Yes, at 1.5km it is a shorter hike, but to get there is no walk in the park. It is slippery and the trail is hardly used as few venture there. However the bigger the challenge the more satisfying the reward. Those interested in doing the usual road climb up to the Mount Serapi viewpoint will be in one group. Those who want to try the Selang Trail will follow the other group. Rest assured both groups will be in the company of those familiar with the route. As per the previous Turbo Snail 2.0 event, do please bring RM10 for park fees, a fully charged mobile phone, and enough water (preferably 1L) and food (for a light brunch).  Interested parties can contact me directly.

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