Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Dawn Awaits You Half Marathon 2014 - Announced!

Another run for Penangites

Runs are coming at a fast and furious rate to Penang. At first for us from Kuching it was only about the Penang Bridge International Marathon. Then this year, not one but two ultras were launched on the island - the Starlight Ultra and the Penang Ultra. Then there is the Penang Run series and runs like the Pisang Relay. If I ever struck it rich I swear I would buy a highrise apartment there since I like the place so much and I can get to run a lot too, for fun and to join the numerous runs there. This latest event, a half marathon will be held at 5.30am on 6th July 2014 at Penang Chinese Town Hall. There will also be a 7km run. The only thing that mars the run for me is that it is a day run during the month of Ramadan. However for others who like to run competitively in July there now have a half marathon in Penang to participate in. The Facebook page is online. Please note that the name of this run is actually Forward Oat King Sports Run (Half Marathon) and the date has been changed to 3rd August 2014. To register for it visit my latest post here

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