Wednesday, 9 April 2014

SAS International Eco-Challenge Johor 2014

30km Tioman Island Run

Who wants to run around Tioman Island, Johor? This year will the 7th consecutive year of the race and highlighted are the rich cultural heritage. Participants will go off the beaten track to test their endurance amidst Tioman Island's early civilization and heritage sites. As such this year’s race is aptly named "The Culture Race". It is also touted as "The Toughest Adventure Race in South East Asia" this year. Am sure a certain race director in Sabah will beg to differ as his own adventure challenge trail runs has proven over the years to be the toughest in the land. However participants can sign up and run Tioman Island to find out for themselves. So circle 10th May 2014 on your racing calendar. The run starts at 9am and the cut-off is six hours. Locals registration fee is RM50, and the international fee is RM100. Registration dateline is on 30th April 2014. Those who want to learn more and register can click here.

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