Sunday, 6 April 2014

Trail in Twilight Stars 2104 - Announced!

12 Hour Loop Run through Penang Hill

How many 7km loops can you do at night in the forest? That is the question even I would like to know for myself. This event was just announced and is brought to us by My Triathlon Shop and Running Guild (Singapore). So if you want to rock the trail under the twilight stars this is the event for you. The route consists of 7km worth of challenging trails and asphalt in the forest of Penang Hill.  The event starts at 6pm on 20th December 2014. The participant is given 12 hours to complete as many laps of 7km as possible, finishing before the day breaks at 6am. Different level of abilities are catered too. The medal you earn will be based on your determination to complete the course. Those who want to know more can visit their Facebook page.

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