Monday, 7 April 2014

Kuching Marathon 2014 - Medals!

Medals Concept Pic!

I hadn't planned to post the concept pics of the medals but others are doing so on Facebook so I thought I might as well too. When the actual medal is cast I will post it also. Right now all I know is what you see too. Have been informed that the 42km and 21km medals will be 3 inches in diameter. While the 10km and 5km medal will be 2.5 inches in diameter. Yes you heard it right, the Kuching Marathon will be giving medals to the 5km runners too. So if you have not yet signed up go to their website and do so now. Happy running always everyone!


  1. is there gonna be colour or is this the final shade?

  2. I truly hadn't planned to put it out since it wasn't the actual medals. However since others had posted on Facebook, so I posted in my blog too. The shade will be about the same, but there will definitely be more 3D effect.