Monday, 28 April 2014

Ipoh International Run 2014

Choose your distance: 5km, 7km, 10km or 21km

Come Sunday, 22nd June 2014, the Ipoh International Run will be at Indera Mulia Stadium. Just found out about this run. There doesn't seem to be any online registration though it has 'International' in it's name. However I did manage to garner some info from their Facebook page.  Those interested to join this run can get their registration form there and contact the persons in charge. Registration ends on 9th June 2014. This run clashes with the Pisang Relay Penang and also is the day after the half marathon at Sundown Malaysia (Johor). Other runs it clashes with on 22nd June are:  Mardi-MAEP Trail Running, 10.6km Music Wave Run, JSP City Run, Penang, not to mention Singapore's Salomon MR25 X Country Marathon. Isn't it amazing how our big local runs always seem to clash this year? If anyone knows more about this run please feel free to contact me, as I feel such an 'international' run deserves more promotion.

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